ProjectImage & LinkDescriptionWebsite Link
Fairfield Automotive (opens in a new tab)FairfieldAutomotive (opens in a new tab)Fairfield Automotive is a local automotive mechanic shop in Fairfield, OH.Link (opens in a new tab)
The Soldiery Games & Cards (opens in a new tab)TheSoldiery (opens in a new tab)The Soldiery is a local games & cards shop in Columbus, OH.Link (opens in a new tab)
StockMVP (opens in a new tab)StockMVP (opens in a new tab)StockMVP is a stock analysis platform built to save you time researching stocks.Link (opens in a new tab)
Influencer Dojo (opens in a new tab)InfluencerDojo (opens in a new tab)Influencer Dojo is a platform to help brands find digital influencers.Link (opens in a new tab)
KDS Systems Inc. (opens in a new tab)KDSSystemsInc (opens in a new tab)KDS Systems Inc. is an MSP based out of Aitkin, Minnesota.Link (opens in a new tab)
HTML-to-Markdown (opens in a new tab)HTML to Markdown (opens in a new tab)HTML to Markdown converter: Transform your HTML code into Markdown syntax for simplified and structured text formatting.GitHub Repo (opens in a new tab)